SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Workflow invoice deposit once proposal accepted

Currently you can only generate an invoice when the proposal is accepted for the entire amount. Give the option for a deposit in the workflow

Limit client in file manager to their folder

Currently from client portal the client can access all files saved in the file manager. Need to set a user’s limitation on their own directory not all my files.

Smart Fields

Would love to have the capability like Dubsado. Being able to create questionnaires, smart fields for design proofs, proposals and contracts.

Client Portal Cancel Invoice

Client Portal- user can cancel their recurring invoice/subscription.

Purchase Order to Vendor


We want purchase order system to send it to vendors.

Waveapp Accounting Integration

Hi there, Wave Accounting has 3 millions users that are made up of your target market and is free to use for a lot of small businesses. It would be good to have integration for this key service providing incentive for a lot of small businesses to sign up to your service for future growth.
Cheers, Leon

Multilingual customization for Client Portal & Invoices

I understand that translations of whole interface in main languages are coming, but to increase usability it would be nice to have even more options for the client side. To better understand what I mean, for example Fiskl has interface in english, but you can invoice in over 60 languages. Clinked portal interface is in several main languages, but you can customize main field labels and name them however you wish.


Could you pls consider the following features?

1. it’s own booking system for a spa studio or fitness gym
2. integration with booking system like Book Like A Boss, or onmify.
3. live chat bots that we can add on our websites

many thanks


This is a service much like zapier. Its a service we brought from appsumo so a lot of people that buy lifetime deals have it. Another software that was sold thru appsumo that I think would be a good addition is Lemlist, its a bulk email software that sends out highly personalized emails.



Customize the proposal & invoice email.

We can put our company branding as well as Swell branding ?

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