SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Clip Emails to SWELL

Clip part of an email or a full email in SWELL through the mail client

Signatures on Proposals

Now when you send a proposal you can choose whether to have your client sign the proposal.

sections in tasks dashboard

custom fields for forms

adding forms from templates

Create form templates and paste them in forms view

Send emails from zapier

Send emails from zapier

updates to company logo

updates to company logo

Announcements Widget

You may notice a new widget available to you on the dashboard. Now you can see the latest features, updates and bug fixes from your dashboard. Go ahead and drag and drop it where you would like it to be seen.

custom fields for clients inline show and edit

Leads & Opportunities Status Sorting

Now you can sort your statuses from the leads and opportunities pages

Request A Feature

Have something in mind that we are missing or that you would like for us to expand on?

Feature Request

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