SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Auto populate tags in client list search bar

For when we begin typing a tag into a client list search bar lists of tags that match the letter show as a select option.

International local numbers

It is really important to get international local numbers for use with your software, I am based in the UK and I know there are local numbers available with the area code I live in using Twilio. Please look into this, in particular Preston in the United Kingdom. Thank you very much.


Reports module revamped and new features added including

update scheduled recurring

update scheduled recurring

Email Tracking Complete

See when your emails have been clicked, opened or bounced from the email module.

Send sms in workflows

Send sms in workflows

Workroom got a new look

Updated workroom allows you to create and assign boards, lists and cards.

updates to recurring invoices

updates to recurring invoices

The ability to attach multiple cards to pay for invoices

Clients can save and use more than one card to pay invoices

attach a board to a project

Users can now attach boards to projects and project assignees

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