SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Group and move custom fields on Client & Contacts

Right now custom fields show up in the order they are created so if you add something new and it fits with several other custom fields, it will show at the bottom of the custom field list for the Client or Contact. Being able to set up groups of all fields so they work for the user. Example Businesss related fields as a section and Personal related fields as a section. Should be able to create our own sections and put any field in those sections.

Sync Google Calendar in calendars.

Sync your Google calendar with SWELL

External links for Client Portal

The ability to create links to outside sources inside the client portal.

Bug fix company logo Company logo broken on client portal

Bug fix company logo

Company logo broken on client portal

Unified inbox for social media posts and DM’s

A inbox that segregates public posts and DM’s sent to accounts or pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc which enables us to engage with the posts and DM’s for pages and accounts

Android app fixes

Android app is working

fix templates that are created in different modules

Helpdesk and ticketing for orders and customers synced from woocommerce/Shopify, etc

Helpdesk soultion for orders synced from woocommerce, Shopify, etc so that tickets can be created for the orders and customers synced from woocommerce, Shopify, etc.

Delete notifications

It would be nice to be able to delete Notifications once we’ve read or handled them.

Add date options for older invoices

Can you please add the function that I can create a previous invoice date? I need it to add some of my old invoices to the system and sometime I can run a few days late to create an invoice. Other than that I have to use another system until your system can perform that type of functions

Request A Feature

Have something in mind that we are missing or that you would like for us to expand on?

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