SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

All Templates

Extended support for templates on new modules

Task sortable

Now you can drag and drop tasks to sort and reorder them

Business Card Scanner

Scan business cards and save them as leads, contacts or clients

Convert Estimate to Invoice

Convert an estimate to an invoice in one click


Create and embed forms on your website for piping into leads, questionnaires and surveys.

Late fees and payment reminders and text fields

Automatically charge late fees and send payment reminders on past due invoices

To field in emails.. find email in contact, send to multiple people

Email to fields now search contacts and clients in SWELL

Task/Projects Dashboard

Updated projects and tasks dashboard allow you to rapidly create new projects and tasks

widgets resize

Resize dashboard widgets and drag and drop in any orderr.

Accounting Widgets

Dashboard widget to show live accounts details based on the accounts you have imported into our accounting module

Request A Feature

Have something in mind that we are missing or that you would like for us to expand on?

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