SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Integration of Quickfile Accounting

Would love to see integration with Quickfile Accounting

Active Campaign Direct Integration

iCal Integration

Support and knowledge base/Contract module

Dear team,

Request you to add below modules:

1) Support ticket
2) Knowledge base
3) Contract module
4) Option to add credit note in the invoice,
5) Option to record part payment in invoice/estimates


IDR Currency (Indonesia Currency)

Setup Indonesia / IDR Currency



Translations support for other languages.

Project Specific Branding

Project specific custom branding (logo,client area custom color, etc.)

Twilio Integration

Allows you to integrate the phone/SMS services with Twilio instead of using our native module.

Multi Brand

Allow users to create and connect with multiple SWELL companies. This would mean you can run multiple companies in SWELL and invite other users (like contractors) who may also have a SWELLEnterprise account.

Calculating Exchange Rates

Calculating exchange rate losses and entering transaction fees.

Would it automatically calculate exchange rate losses and allow us to enter transaction fees?

We currently operate in 2 currencies (US$ and S$) but report them in S$. We hold some cash in US$ and some in S$. Just curious how that will be reconciled.

Request A Feature

Have something in mind that we are missing or that you would like for us to expand on?

Feature Request