SWELLEnterprise all in one business management application

Thank You For Filling Out Our Case Study Survey

  • This is a great place to elaborate on what originally brought you to use SWELLEnterprise, what kind of problems you were having or what a typical workday looked like for you before using our platform.
  • What specifically did you like about SWELL? How did it help you solve these problems in your business or where do you see the potential?
  • Do you have more free time, able to delegate more, did your duties change, can you focus more on the business instead of in it? Feel free to get as detailed as you like to paint a pretty picture for us.
  • Is there anything specifically that had you try our platform as opposed to one of our competitors? Where do you think we are better than our competitors?
  • We know we are may not be perfect yet, but we would love to hear how we can improve.