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Free Client & Buyer Persona Templates

Identify Who Your Ideal Clients Are & How To Effectively Connect With Them Through Your Marketing.

Here is what is included:

  • Identify WHO your audience is:
    • What is their background: job, career path, family, etc.
    • What are their demographics: male or female, age, income, location, etc.
    • What are their identifiers: demeanor, communication style, etc.
  • Determine their WHAT:
    • What are their goals: primary, secondary, etc.
    • What challenges do they face: primary, secondary, etc.
    • How can you help: to help your personas reach their goals.
  • Establish the WHY:
    • What are some actual quotes: what challenges are they facing, what are their goals, etc.
    • What are some common objectives: What gets in the way of them buying your product or service, etc.
  • Now, HOW will you reach them:
    • How would you describe and present your solution to your persona, etc.
    • What are the marketing messages you can use for this persona?
    • What is your elevator pitch? How will you sell your solution, what are some testimonials, etc.

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