Start Scaling your Business with SWELLEnterprise Get expert help setting up and integrating the system into your company's systems and processes.

Are you looking for a system that can help your business scale? SWELLEnterprise is the answer. Our team has experienced firsthand the value this system can offer a scaling business.

We understand that getting started may seem a little intimidating, but we're happy to provide you with an estimate for our Professional Services team to set up your account so that it seamlessly integrates into your company's systems and processes.

This will help ensure your team can start working in SWELLEnterprise as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fill out the following form to get started!

Why Choose Our Professional Onboarding Services Package?

  • We have team members that are experts with SWELLEnterprise and can help you set it up quickly and efficiently.

  • We'll provide you with training material to help your team get started.

  • You'll be able to focus on growing your business while we take care of the setup.

  • You'll have peace of mind knowing that your account is set up correctly and is running smoothly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to complete the set up?

    In most cases, the initial setup and implementation of your system can be completed within 1 - 2 weeks. However, this time frame may be extended depending on the complexity and size of your business.

    Once your system is up and running, you should begin to see an immediate improvement in productivity and efficiency. And, over time, you will likely experience even more significant gains as your staff becomes more comfortable and familiar with the new system.

    How does payment work?

    The payment process is generally as follows:

    -After you submit the form, our team will analyze your requirements and provide you with an estimated price and time frame for completion.

    -Once you agree to the estimate, we will send you a payment request for 50% of the total estimated amount.

    -Once the work is completed, you will review the setup with one of our team members to ensure it meets your requirements.

    -If you are satisfied with our implementation, we will bill you for the remaining 50% of the balance and provide your team with training materials.

    What if I have additional requirements that come up during the onboarding process?

    No problem, we want to make sure you're happy with your onboarding process. If you have any additional requirements that come up while our team is executing the professional onboarding services for you, we will create a change order request and send you an updated estimate and time of completion if it is different from our original estimate and timeline.

    How much does onboarding generally cost?

    Each onboarding request is customized and based on the complexity and the scope of your request. While no two businesses are the same, onboarding requests can range from $1,000 USD - $20,000 USD.

    For example, it is often easier to implement the setup of systems, processes, templates, and workflows for a company of 10 employees or less than a company of 50+ employees. Some things that affect our pricing may include: How many workflows we need to set up, how sophisticated the workflows are that need to be set up, what design and different layout elements are included in proposals, and how many project templates need to be created, etc.

    There is no risk or commitment by completing the attached form and receiving an estimate from our team.