Our Story

In 2011, I started a web design and digital marketing company called DesignLoud.  As we were growing, we were using up to 5 different apps every day.  To update clients or find anything we had to go through multiple places not to mention we had to expect our team to keep different logins.  The more we grew, the more expensive these apps would get because you needed more features (more money) and we had to hire third parties to try to connect these apps.

That's when we built SWELLEnterprise, we built it and used it as a team.  When my hometown was hit with a hurricane, a friend who owns a roofing company needed help setting up some automation to keep up with the number of calls coming in during the aftermath. When we helped his business get set up with SWELL was when we knew, other people can really benefit from this system we created.

Derek Schmidt
Founder & CEO


Our Company Culture

We believe a company is only as strong as it's community and culture.  Our vision is that we create a platform and community of life long connections that stimulate growth for our customers.

The team at SWELL gives back by donating to various non-profits and participating in community outreach programs.

The Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with an affordable, all-in-one enterprise-style application that scales with their business and allows them to take control of their marketing, sales and customer relationships while providing exceptional customer service 24/7.