About SWELLEnterprise All-In-One Small Business Management

Our Story

Why We Do It

Businesses today need an affordable solution that offers the features they need to scale their business without affecting their bottom line. Today, businesses need to subscribe to several programs in order to operate their business effectively using technology.

There are several applications on the market that provide file storage, invoicing, accounting or customer relationship management but none of these products provide all of the features one needs without extra fees or data limits.

Companies often use these services together which costs them hundreds or even thousands per year.

Often times, these services do not communicate with each other so companies have to rely on developers to program these connections in a way that will improve their day to day operations.

all-in-one business management app

Would you rather pay $60 for the all-in-one suite or more than $420/month for each one separately?

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Who We Are

Meet SWELLEnterprise, the first product of Swell Systems, Inc which provides business owners an affordable solution that can scale with their business from the day of its inception all the way to its acquisition.

SWELLEnterprise provides all of the features a business would need to operate their business efficiently today using tomorrow's technology. Business owners can eliminate their subscriptions with all of these providers and use the features in SWELLEnterprise at no additional cost.  SWELLEnterprise provides a minimal user experience, allowing the user to enable or disable modules they use which keeps the user interface clean and clutter-free. Our platform also provides an API (a way for programs to interact with one another) that allows our platform to communicate with third-party platforms for the companies that may want to continue using programs they are already comfortable with.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with an affordable, all-in-one enterprise-style application that scales with their business and allows them to take control of their marketing, sales and customer relationships while providing exceptional customer service 24/7.

“It’s not about creating something new, it is about taking something we have and making it better. Look at what Apple did for the computer, the mobile phone and music streaming. None of this was a new idea, just taking something we use everyday and making it better.”

- Unknown