Workroom Small Business Management Software

Keep All Your Projects In One Place

SWELLEnterprise All-In-One Enterprise CRM now makes it easier than ever to create an accessible and organized work board. Make sure you and your employees are staying on track with Work Room.

Work Room is designed to be used intuitively. We give you a clean slate and sleek design to work from so you always know where to find the next project.

How Work Room Works

Assign Employees, Tasks, Due Dates, and Lists

SWELLEnterprise’s Work Room feature gives you a space to organize projects. Setting it up is easy. Simply click “Add Board” or import an existing board from another web client as a CSV.

Once you add your new board, configure it to fit your project. Give it a title. Assign the project to employees. Set the start and end date so there’s no excuse for missing deadlines. Finally, set a description. If you need to add extra notes, there’s room for that at the end.


Lists are a subset of projects with specific tasks assigned to employees. Lists let employees know exactly what they have to do for each project. Just like with projects, you can set due dates and add notes as needed.

Why Use A Cloud-Based Work Room?

Cloud-based CRMs allow you to access your whole business from any device at any location. Monitor projects and communicate with employees at a moment’s notice. Get notifications, reminders, and messages on your phone, smartwatch, tablet, or laptop.

Our safe and secure cloud is a one stop shop for all your business needs. We know that you and your employees are on the go. Don’t leave your business behind.

Let’s Grow Your Business Together

SWELLEnterprise plays well with others. If you want more out of your Work Room, let us know! It!is a fully customizable all-in-one enterprise CRM.