Build Your Relationships Grow Your Business

All of the right tools to help you manage every part of your relationships.

Contact Manager

Tag and keep track of each of your contacts. Contacts can be as simple as a roll index of contact information or tagged to help you locate your vendors.

Client Relationship Management

See 360 view of everything pertaining to your clients such as history, sales, documents, activities and more.

Lead Management

Build your sales pipelines and then drag and drop your leads through each stage of your sales process. See a full 360 view of each lead in your pipeline and convert leads to clients in one click.

Increase Your Productivity Become A Master of Time

Delegate your workload and receive automatic reminders so you never miss a deadline again.

Project Management

Easily create and assign projects to your employees with deadlines and reminders. Create a template from a project to speed up the process next time you create a similar project.


Assign tasks and sub-tasks to your employees with deadlines and estimated hours. Check the progress of each task as the administrator or allow managers to follow tasks.

Automate Just About Anything No More Boring Stuff

Time is money and our tools can help you automate the things you should not be spending your time on.

Workflow Automation

Build out workflow automations to automate essentially any part of your company’s workflow. Based on the logic of “if this, then do that” scenarios, you can customize and automate just about anything.


Just about anything in SWELLEnterprise can have a template which will allow you to rapidly speed up the process in creating things like emails, projects, tasks, newsletter campaigns and more.

Stay Organized Stop Dropping The Ball

No more losing track of emails, files or sticky notes.

Forms Builder

Wouldn’t it be nice if when someone filled out the contact form on your website that it automatically notified you and created a lead in SWELL? That is just scratching the surface of what you can do with our drag and drop form builder.


Import your calendars into SWELLEnterprise and see everything going on at a glance. Projects, tasks and reminders automatically show up in your calendar. Create separate calendars to help you stay organized.

Email Client

Read and send trackable emails through SWELLEnterprise or schedule emails to be sent on a later date and time. Even create templates so you can reuse and speed up the process of sending similar emails to your contacts.

Scheduling App

The appointment scheduler allows you to create different schedules & windows of availability & share it with your contacts.

File Manager

SWELLEnterprise automatically helps you stay organized by creating a hierarchy folder system for each client and lead you do business with.


Keeping good notes on each part of your business is important to make sure your team is able to follow along. We make it easy to attach notes to any feature in SWELL so everyone is always up to speed.

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow you to capture data specific to your business for anything in SWELL. You can choose to make custom fields required or not for your team. Choose from drop-downs, text fields, dates and more.

Sales Tools That Help You Level Up

See when emails, invoices, estimates and proposals have been viewed and clicked. 


Use our drag and drop editor to create proposals or templates. See when clients view, approve or decline your proposals and even allow them to sign them online.


Drag and drop your deals through each stage of the sales pipeline. Assign deals to users, schedule reminders and follow-ups so you never miss a deal.


See when leads or clients view your estimates and easily convert approved estimates to invoices in just a few clicks.


Create one-time and recurring invoices. Choose if you would like to accept payment on your invoices online and even see when your invoices have been viewed and paid.

Marketing So You Can Keep In Touch

Send emails and texts to your lists so you can always be at the top of their mind.


Build out your lists and send campaigns to your list by email or text message marketing. Use our drag and drop builder to create beautiful newsletters, send SMS text messages and even build drip campaigns with sequences.


Our in-app dialer allows you to purchase local phone numbers so your sales team can make and receive calls. Choose if you would like to enable call recordings so you can use the recordings for training your team and improving your craft.

Team Collaboration Keep Your Teams Communication Organized

You can add users with their own roles and permissions and collaborate on whatever they are working on.

Multi Users

Invite your whole team to use SWELLEnterprise and see everything going on in your business, assign things to your team and see who is working on what.

Team Chat

Chat with your team by creating channels and inviting your employees to chat with you and others in each channel.

Work Room

Use our visual art boards to drag and drop your ideas across boards, lists and card. For example, your work room can be used to brainstorm ideas with your team, plan this years marketing calendar or track support tickets.

Roles & Permissions

Choose what your employees can do in SWELLEnterprise. Set up custom roles or choose from our more popular roles and assign the permissions for each role.

Accounting So You Can Keep Your Finances On Point

Sync your bank account or integrate with your accounting tools so that record keeping becomes a breeze.


Import your bank account and transactions to track your income and expenses. See what your growth rate is as a company and run your reports such as profit and loss. You can even integrate our accounting module with QuickBooks and Xero to easily import your history.

Connect To 1000+ Apps With Our Native and Zapier Integrations

Connect with your favorite apps using one of our native integrations or Zapier.  If you need extended functionality you can take a look at our developer API.

CRM Integrations

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