Project Management

Plan to Succeed

Create projects, assign deadlines, create templates to streamline the process, and set expectations from project managers – all in one place. Ensure every project is delivered perfectly and on-time.

How Our Project Management Tool Works

SWELLEnterprise makes planning and executing projects simple. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add and name your new project.
  2. Select the client for your records.
  3. Assign your project to users in SWELLEnterprise.
  4. Select the start time and deadline.
  5. Estimate hours and add notes for your employees.

Your employees will receive notifications when deadlines approach. They’ll know your expectations and exactly what to do from the get-go. If questions arise, they’ll be able to collaborate with you and other members on the project directly via SWELLEnterprise’s messaging and work room features.