360 CRM

Truly Know Your Customers

No other client management tool on the market offers as many fully customizable features as SWELLEnterprise. Get the whole story behind each and every client. Know your customer. Make the sale.

Client Management Tools

We offer all of the features you want and none you don’t. Our fully customizable client manager suite lets you:

  • Easily sort clients by an organization, name, or personalized tag.
  • Identify clients as Primary Contact.
  • Store your point-of-contact and company information side by side.
  • Create and keep Notes regarding customer relations in Client View.
  • Quickly access the history and status of Estimates, Invoices, and Proposals from Client View.
  • Create, View, and Manage Projects from Client View.
  • Call customers directly from SWELLEnterprise with the click of a button.
  • Assign Tasks to Employees from Client View.
  • E.G. “Call to confirm shipping address with a client.”
  • Create and Manage Documents directly from Client View with our file manager.
  • Share client information with employees when necessary.