SWELL Systems, Inc is a US-based SaaS company providing business tools at an affordable price. One of our values is to provide exceptional customer service. We’re looking to hire an Online Support Representative to handle chat support for our customers. The person has to work remotely from anywhere during the set time of work.

What does a Customer Support Representative do?

As the public face of the company, you are responsible for dealing with any and all customer questions about the products and services the company offers. You are expected to be continuously updating their knowledge of our company’s products, services, and policies.

Complaint handling is a critical part of this position. Turning a frustrated customer into a happy customer, while adhering to company policies, requires a combination of empathy and tact.

Another key responsibility is maintaining the presentation of the conversation, product, signage, and displays.

Assist the company by helping to create documentation around this role and contributing policies and procedures.

Engage with the community through Facebook Group by creating posts that drive engagement, shares, and comments.

Assist with handling incoming emails related to support or product questions.

Chat Support Representative Responsibilities:

  • Greeting customers, responding to questions, improving engagement with the platform and providing outstanding customer service.
  • Directing customers to subscription.
  • Superior product knowledge.
  • Maintaining an orderly presentation throughout all conversations.
  • Introducing updates, promotions and opportunities to customers.
  • Be available for support during work hours without any delay.
  • Document policies and procedures related to your role.
  • Monitor and engage with Facebook Group by posting and commenting that drives engagement through shares, comments and likes.
  • Monitor and reply to emails that relate to support or pre-sales questions.

Chat Support Representative Requirements:

  • Excellent English proficiency
  • Good typing speed
  • Good computer and website usage knowledge
  • Prior Experience with SaaS companies
  • Maintain a positive attitude and focus on customer satisfaction in a fast-paced environment

How is this job measured?

  • Number of closed support tickets per day/week/month
  • Customer rating on chat/email support
  • Processes documented relating to your position and added to our central repository
  • Email replies to questions and support
  • Average response time
  • Internal documentation on processes and systems.

This role reports to:

  • CEO
  • CTO

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