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How SWELLEnterprise Is Different From Asana

There are many project management and business apps available today. All of them offering interesting and unique features that can help you manage your business better.
With so many different options, it’s not easy to choose the right one for your company. The best way to know if a platform is right for you is to compare different options and see which one fits your establishment well. One of the most popular platforms in this field is Asana and it holds a high rating. Here’s a look at how different SWELLEnterprise is from it:

1. No Bloated Software

Swell allows you to create a custom platform with only the tools you need. There are many features available on this platform; some of which will be useful to you while others might not be. You can incorporate what’s needed and eliminate the rest to create a streamlined, light-weight and easy to use platform for the business. This makes it easier to integrate this system into existing IT infrastructure so your employees don’t have to spend too much time adjusting to it.

The pricing is just as uncomplicated as the interface so you don’t need to worry about sorting through different payment plans or tiers.

2. Easier Data Entry

Swell integrates efficiently with Alexa and Google Assistant, which allows you to eliminate time-consuming data entry. Employees can read the data out loud and let Swell handle
everything beyond that. It’s very easy to use the Google Assistant with the platform. Just say, “Ok Google, talk to SWELLEnterprise” before starting data entry. You can switch
between voice or manual entry at any time, which has a positive impact on productivity and can help employees accomplish more at a shorter amount of time.

3. Automation Everywhere

This platform isn’t just a project manager, but a business tool. It can help you manage tasks beyond a project and automate them as well. This makes Swell a more versatile platform compared to Asana. You can automatically organize files, send text or emails, automate business accounting, keep track of invoices and payments, etc. The broader influence ensures you don’t have to use more third-party software to get other tasks down. All business and project management needs are handled from one platform.

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