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Client Portal

Appointment Scheduler

Additional e-signatures

Additional e-signatures, I want to put my signature & time signed, as well as the client(s) and their business partners e-signatures.

Multiple Currencies

Add other currencies apart from US Dollars. To be able to invoice in difference currencies. Multiple currencies for those who live outside the US.

Another possibility – so if charging in my local currency (NOK) add a currency converter so the client can pay in their currency.

I charge in US dollars, GBP and NOK.

Paypal integration

Accept payments / Allow Clients to pay using paypal

Multi Brand

Allow users to create and connect with multiple SWELL companies. This would mean you can run multiple companies in SWELL and invite other users (like contractors) who may also have a SWELLEnterprise account.

Copy and duplicate Project and/ Or Tasks

Copy and duplicate Project and/ Or Tasks

Improvements in clients, contacts, projects create

Projects now can be divided into stages, and tasks can be dependent on other tasks that have a due or have been completed

Workflow Automations

Build automated workflows combining any modules in SWELL

Google Assistant: Talk to swell enterprise

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