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Templates Updated UI, Templates API & Templates Marketplace

Google Authentication

Personalized messages

Can we have the ability to add personalized items in our messages/email/sms like first Name, last name, etc


I’m not sure if there is this already, but there NEEDS to be the ability to change currency, in particular for invoices. I am from the UK and if it is in dollars and not GBP, people will not trust it, it is so important, I’m unsure I can use the product unless this feature is available, and I know i’m not the only one. Please, please help regarding this.

International local numbers

It is really important to get international local numbers for use with your software, I am based in the UK and I know there are local numbers available with the area code I live in using Twilio. Please look into this, in particular Preston in the United Kingdom. Thank you very much.

swell enterprise chrome extension fixes

API routes and Documentation Complete

Send emails from zapier

Send emails from zapier

Categories for accounting

Recurring on and off switch

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