SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Adding SMS to the Drip Campaigns & make it 2-Way SMS

I’d like to have drip campaigns composed of Emails, SMS, Voicemail, Call reminders.
And it’d be even fancier and easier if on the scheduled call time (in the drip campaign) Swell system calls me and connect me to that prospect

Conditional flow forms

Forms should be improved.
– customize feel and colours
– Conditional flows
– Where is the “SEND” button when i finish creating a form?


line item taxable or non taxable

basically advertising spend is not taxable, but website design, seo, and SAAS are taxable. it makes it hard to create a bunch of separate invoices for each service.

Braintree payment Integration

There are countries like mine where Stripe is not available. That is why Braintree is a valid option.

Multiple languages

Option to change to languages other than English.

Microsoft Flow

We are moving to microsoft flow as it is more tightly integrated with office365.
There is a huge community of office users that would be open with swell and flow integration.

prioritize tasks

maybe I have missed it but I cannot find an option to give different priorities to different tasks

Manually reorder Tasks and projects

it would help to have an option to manually reorder tasks and projects

Task Management integration

Can we integrate with SmartTask? The workflows + advanced features would be nice to have integrated with Swell


An integration with https://sendpilot.co would be nice for social media marketing

Request A Feature

Have something in mind that we are missing or that you would like for us to expand on?

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