SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Archive Clients

I’d love to be able to archive clients. I don’t want to delete them and lose all their records and history, but I also don’t want to have to sort through 500 records when I’m on my client dashboard. Thank you 🙂

Custom Fields / Merge Tags

I’d love to be able to use merge tags for custom fields. That would greatly improve the functionality of them.

Track Subscriptions / Lifetime Deals / Revenue / Cashflow

Easily manage with color-coded graphs, a neat folder and tag system, and an organized calendar. Get customizable automatic alerts before your subscription payments are due.

Add screenshots in timer

Hi team, can you add a screencapture feature in the timer? It is pretty important for managing remote teams. For example check out the timer in Hubstaff, Upwork and Freelancer.com timers.

Payoneer integration

Hi team, can you add Payoneer as a payment gateway? It is a lifeline for people based in countries without Paypal support.

Add a dedicated chat UI

Hi team, please create a dedicated page for chats like slack. The current google-hangout like instant message pop-up is not very suitable for remote teams who depend heavily on chats for work.

For example, please check out Plutio.

Widget sizing

To be able to let dashboard widgets take up more space. Between one and 3 columns or more. This way some widgets can be wide and take up more space wile others that require only one column can remain small. We get to choose how to place the widgets and how many columns of space they take up on our dashboard.

TImeline view on client portal

To be able to add notes in timeline view on the client portal side similar to the way the built in note taking app functions in the client record. This would be viewable by the client as an ongoing record of work being performed. It can auto update or we would be able to manually add things to it.

Client, Lead, Contact dashboard

(1)Adding more info on the dashboard of clients, leads and contact more info would be very helpful. For example I would like to see the following in on line: Name, email, phone, date created, tags. (2)And including a FILTER section would be awesome. Filter examples: by tags (has tag, does not have tag), score, owner, campaign status, updated date, last contacted, country, *other custom fields.
Thank you.

Advanced FORMS and Surveys

Ability to create all kind of surveys. Add more form options like multiple text fields for clients to input, add jump logic, ability to group form items. SoGoSurvey.com do a great job on this.

Request A Feature

Have something in mind that we are missing or that you would like for us to expand on?

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