SWELLEnterprise Roadmap

Microsoft Flow

We are moving to microsoft flow as it is more tightly integrated with office365.
There is a huge community of office users that would be open with swell and flow integration.

prioritize tasks

maybe I have missed it but I cannot find an option to give different priorities to different tasks

Manually reorder Tasks and projects

it would help to have an option to manually reorder tasks and projects

Task Management integration

Can we integrate with SmartTask? The workflows + advanced features would be nice to have integrated with Swell


An integration with https://sendpilot.co would be nice for social media marketing

Task Management System

An integration with Gitscrum would be nice to allow for more detailed task management

Pre-Date invoice

A Pre-Date invoice feature will be very helpful.

Integration with ClickUp

An integration with ClickUp would be amazing to allow for more detailed task management – https://clickup.com/

Import old emails against client/lead/contact records

As a new user we’re setting up all our clients/leads/contacts. But old emails don’t get pulled in to the records.

As you pull all emails in to the inbox feature, could you also pull old emails related to an email address against an old client/lead/contact and store them against that record?

As a continuous user this also works for new leads. If a lead comes in to my inbox, I’ll then set them up as a lead in CRM. But that first email won’t be stored as the record didn’t exist when the original email came in.

An alternative (possibly easier) workaround would be to provide a feature where you can select an email and choose to add it to a client/lead/contact record.

Multiple email addresses for a contact/client/lead

Some of our clients contact us from multiple email addresses. It would be great to be able to put multiple email addresses in to a client/contact/lead record and have that mail all track against that record.

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