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Only about 19% of organizations are successfully completing client projects on a regular basis.

This leaves a shocking amount of clients unsatisfied with the work of advertising agencies. And what do clients do when they aren’t satisfied? They leave.

Your agency’s lack of ability to complete projects on time and on budget is not only hurting your current client relationships. This poor reputation actually hurts your future success as well. So what can you do to turn this cycle around and start wowing your client base?

It’s time to introduce high-quality project management software to your team. 

Ready to up your productivity and take your service offerings to the next level? Follow along to find out how project management software benefits advertising agencies and why you need it for your business. 

One-Stop Platform

Advertising agencies have a plethora of posting platforms, reports, and client information tabs open at the same time. This can cause confusion and unnecessary time spent navigating through separate sites and files. 

Adopting a project management software takes duplicate data entry and changing tabs out of your day. You’ll have all the information you need in one user-friendly space. 

Outstanding features boost efficiency and help your team members stay on schedule. You can say goodbye to those time-wasting activities while carrying out tasks.  

Planning and Scheduling

Social site integration and email marketing allow seamless execution across multiple platforms. 

Having the ability to see every task and post from one app will allow you to streamline your planning and scheduling. You can tailor your timing based on audiences and skip the copy and pasting of relevant information from platform to platform. 

A simple layout makes it easy to get ahead of the game and set deadlines for new campaigns. Your clients and your team members will all be kept in the loop with the project plans and be able to keep up with updates. 

Task Management

With to-do lists and individual access to projects, you can assign key tasks to well-suited teammates. Gone are the days where one agent handles a company from front to back. Utilize the talent and skills of each member of your team and share the workload by granting access to vital information about each project. 

You can set deadlines for completion, budget guides, and special request notes from clients or in-house teams. Use reminders to keep everyone on track and bring those important tasks to the front and center. 

Check-in on progress and evaluate when it’s time to add more team members to the task. 

Team Management

With cloud access for remote sign-in and team chatrooms, you’ll be able to introduce greater communication in the workspace. Your team can brainstorm ideas and log these chats for future reference. 

Beyond this, you’ll be able to measure the productivity of each employee based on their unique login ID. See how their tasks are progressing, gather feedback from clients, and make adjustments to their workload. 

This data-backed information will help you determine when a staff member is falling short on their delivery. You can then take applicable steps for the interest of your business. 

Finance Management

Send invoices, track payments, and project earnings without breaking out the books. Our software makes it easy to keep on top of outstanding accounts and not let those late-paying clients slip through the cracks. 

You can even handle your accounting right from the app and eliminate miscommunications. You’ll be able to use key data measurements to evaluate profit, growth rate, and financial losses. 

Not only will you be able to keep track of your funds better, but project management software can actually save your business money!


Tracking the success of an advertising campaign across many sites can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Not only are you not able to see live updates with ease, but your clients have to wait until specific reporting times for this information as well. 

Using project management software combines the most relevant information and delivers instant updates. This makes it easier for your team to make adjustments, and for you to present greater transparency with your clients. 

You’ll be able to offer more frequent reports and email relevant progress as you go. Your clients will love the increased communication and appreciate your focus on keeping them in the loop.

Workflow Automation

Take your mind off of mundane tasks and focus on your advertising efforts without distraction. Project management software allows you to automate your workflow with clever if-then scenarios. 

For example, if you have sent a proposal to a client, they will have the option to approve with the click of a button. Once the system receives this green light, it will generate an invoice for the applicable services and send it out for payment.

You’re now free to focus on the execution of these services rather than spend time inputting invoice information.

Ready to take it further? Schedule tasks and build projects by including instructions in the background of your invoice lines. Once the client has paid the invoice, the system can then set to work creating task lists and assigning jobs to each team member. 

Your team will be able to get to work on these projects faster and more efficiently than waiting for management to generate the orders. 

With endless possibilities, you can even keep your clients in the loop by setting up automated messages. They’ll receive updates when tasks have been complete or advertisements have gone live. 

The Perfect Solution for Advertising Agencies

From a more central dashboard to automated tasks, you’ll love the impact a project management software has on your business. Clients relying on you for a timely, successful campaign. It’s time to boost your reputation and start drawing new clients in left, right, and center. 

Ready to scale your business and streamline your process? Get in touch with us today to get your hands on the best project management software for advertising agencies and start seeing results now. 

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