Does Being Disorganized Really Effect Your Business?

The business world is rapid-paced and always in evolve mode. To keep up with growth in your industry, as well as your own personal advancement, it’s crucial to inculcate and follow good organizational skills. Doing things in a disorganized manner can only decrease your productivity, impact your ability to reach your professional goals; increase revenue. In fact, this can also impact your mental and physical health. In our article 20 ways to organize your business, you can get some great tips that will keep you on track. Take a look at the effects of being disorganized and hopefully this can inspire you to be proactive towards your organizational  goals.

1. Affecting professional growth

If you want to advance your business and beat the competition, you won’t get far unless you are organized. Poor organizational skills only make people less effective and less efficient. In the business world, these are two attributes you can’t be successful without. Disorganization can cause you and your staff members to mix up assignments, confuse dates, miss deadlines, making you undependable and unreliable. When clients or customers find that the company they are dealing with is disorganized and unable to keep pace with their commitments, they will be more apt to take their business elsewhere.

2. Decrease in productivity

Poor organizational skills are a hurdle to productivity. Instead of focusing on overseeing and supervising things and ensuring all the work gets done, poor organizational skills will simply leave you rummaging through all the paperwork attempting to carve out some clutter-free space on your desk. Good organizational skills abet efficiency; productivity. Ensuring your office space is neat and tidy will also reduce the amount of time you end up looking for files and will increase your productivity levels.

Did you know? 75% of struggling small business owners believe that disorganization leads to productivity loss. You can read about that here.

3. Impacts your time management skills

Every business person knows that time is money. Time is a very valuable resource, which when wasted can prove to be a drain on your company’s resources. Poor organization also affects your time management skills. You will find that you are unable to prioritize assignments, fulfill orders and commitments or even complete day-to- day work-related activities efficiently. When you get a firm handle on your organizational skills, you will find that you are able to develop ways to effectively manage your time.

4. Impact on health

There is a definite link between your organizational skills and your physical and mental health. When you are disorganized it causes you to feel more stress and anxiety. Eventually, this also takes its toll on your health.

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